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Janick Houle, photographer

Janick Houle is a professional photographer and teacher since 2003. She specializes in portraiture, documentary and nature. Her works have been exhibited in Quebec, Toronto and Tokyo. She teaches at the University of Montreal and at Gosselin Photo.


Janick studied photography at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal and then honed her skills at Collège Ahuntsic, Collège Marsan and the Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography (USA).


Janick is a Montrealer of Métis-Algonquin origin. She is inspired by Amerindian philosophy, which evokes gratitude and a great respect towards nature and living beings, to express her origins through series of conceptual and multimedia projects. Her approach is to transpose into images the depth of her connection with the subject, either by keeping the shot intact, thus letting the subject speak for itself, or by using digital image processing techniques to create an atmosphere that amplifies the feeling.


2017            Apparentés/Kindred

Collective: portrait

  • Écomusée du fier monde, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Connections Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2017            FRINGE Festival, photography exhibition

Collective: open theme

MAI gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2016            Green Hole 2

Collective: abstract, multimedia

Momozono Gallery, Tokyo, Japan: participation in Masako Miyazaki's exhibition, supported by the Embassy of Canada

2016            Créations des femmes

Collective: open medium

Ame-Art gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

2012-2014   Open Theme

Collective: composite images

Lozeau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


2003            Anticonformiste et eau

Collective: composite images

Club photo Le 3e Œil, Montreal, Quebec, Canada: recipient of 4 awards for 3 photographs

1999            Pachamama (Terre-Mère)

Solo: portraits of aboriginal people

Montreal Bolivian Association, Montreal, Quebec, Canada



2018            Esipan

Documentary about an Anicinape language learning camp.

See the series

2015-2018   Mackiki

Abstract series illustrating the sensory relationship, transmitted by the colours of the plants.

See the series

2015-2017   Kisis

A series of portraits presenting the rituals and cultures of the First Nations during celebrations.

See the series

2016            Photogenèse

Abstract series illustrating a meditative state expressing the connection felt with nature.

2009-2016   Les quatre éléments

Quadriptych of images on the four essential elements (water, earth, air, fire) of the Amerindian traditions, associating each element with an image.

2008-2016   États d'âme

Series of portraits of women. Composite images expressing a state of mind.

See the series

2005-2016   La veuve

Series of portraits of a woman living an identity metamorphosis. Artistic conception of a multimedia project.

See the series

2012            Awareness

Series on contemplative photography.

Themes: Opening the Good Eye; Making Contact; The Heart of Perception; Space, Further Dimension of Perception; Cutting Loose.

2009-2010   Mitik

Multimedia projects on the preservation of Quebec's forests and on portraits of Aboriginal persons in collaboration with the Forestare Music Ensemble.

2005-2006   Mruta Mertis Ensemble

Multimedia design for the Mruta Mertis Ensemble (choir) with André Pappathomas, composer and choir director.

2003            Transcendanse

Series on the contemporary dance of Catherine Nadeau, co-founder and choreographer for Best Before Tomorrow.

See the series


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